San Francisco, California

Sausilito (Across the Bay)

Note the fire hydrant, and 2nd floor entry from the docks.  Many float homes have the bedrooms on the main or lowest floor as the wave and wind movement is felt less closest to the water. 

The houseboat community had established itself in the downtown centre of Sausilito back in the 1960s and it became a colourful and interesting tourist attraction during those tumultuous times.  At some point the town grew and high-end commerce moved in with trendy designer shops and restaurants.  The houseboat community was replaced by boat marinas and other more lucrative businesses.  They were relocated to the edge of town where they are today, in great numbers.  As you can see in the photo above on one of many wharfs, they range from home-made funky houseboats to high-end 5-star float homes.