Going home is like going on vacation every day...

Canoe Pass & Marina WesDel Villages, Delta, BC, Canada

This website has been created for those who love residing on the water, be it on rivers or oceans.  It is also for those who would like to live floating on top of the water, rather than beside or near it.  It is a unique lifestyle and not for everyone as floating homes do indeed move with the currents, winds and storms.  If you are prone to sea-sickness, it is probably not for you.

I live on a float home on the Fraser River in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  Recently retired, I moved away from the big city rat race into the bucolic farmlands of the Fraser River delta.  I commune daily with an array of sea birds and river wildlife such as Eagles, Swans, Otters, Beaver, Seals, etc.  It is indeed wild, wonderful and sometimes wooly, especially in big wind storms.

Since building and moving onto my float home last year, I have taken an intrerest in these structures and have travelled to other locations and photographed other villages and stand-alone house boats and floating homes.  They vary greatly in design, floatation methods and adherance to building codes which is what makes them so interesting.  As well the people living on them are as interesting and diverse as the homes themselves.

Houseboat or Float Home?  I'm constantly correcting my family and friends who refer to my living on a houseboat when in fact I live on a float home.  The difference?  I don't have a motor and cannot move my house around in the water unless I am towed by a boat.  Some folks really do live on houseboats or houses that used to be boats, or live-aboard boats.  Generally speaking, a float home tends to have a few more bells and whistles than a houseboat, but not always.  They also tend to have more square footage.

The majority of this website will be devoted to photographs of folks living on the water.  I will start with my own photos, but I invite others to contribute as well.  I will give photo credits to those who request it.  If you have an interesting story relating to float homes, it would be nice to share that here as well.

I hope you enjoy the journey through these gallery pages and if you haven't already joined the ranks of water-dwellers like us, maybe these pictures will help you to make the leap.    ml   (June, 2007)

Westham Island Bridge, Delta, BC