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Other Places to Visit on Galiano Island:

Bellhouse Park


Bellhouse Park is a 5- minute walk from the cottage and sits on a point of land at the entrance to Active Pass. It is a great place to sit and watch the world float, swim, fly or sail by.  There are some benches and picnic tables strategically placed for communing with nature.  A very relaxing and therapeutic place. 

If you're agile, there is a special sandstone rock sculpted out by the sea into a shallow cave looking into Active Pass.  You can sit sheltered inside and peacefully contemplate whatever.  This park is also a great place to watch the whales coming through the Pass or the eagles nesting, fishing, soaring.  Don't forget the binoculars.  (Park is not suitable for swimming because of strong currents and sudden washes from ferries)

Bellhouse Park looking toward Mainland (White Rock)

Beach house near Bellhouse Park

Montague Harbour Provincial Park

Here is the Midden (shell beach) at Montague Harbour Provincial Park. 

This is a popular campground located about 7 kms from the Sturdies Bay ferry terminal.  There are many lovely walking trails and secluded beaches around the peninsula where the locals like to take their exercise and run their dogs.

Another secluded rocky beach with lots of drift wood from winter storms

The Travelling Tinkers come to Galiano on a regular basis to sharpen all your tools.

Annual August 1st FIESTA parade with Freddy Fudsmucker and his Rolling Clones

This Annual Holiday Weekend festival is alway a BIG hit on the Island, starting off with a raucous parade from the Ferry to the Lions Hall grounds on Burrill Road, followed by a day of games, food, people selling thier wares, crafts, issues, bingo, beer garden and of course the infamous "Road Kill Cafe" where you can get the best chicken, beef or salmon burgers around.  And don't miss the gum-boot throwing contest.  There's one for the kids and another for the big people.  Be there or be square!

Or you can escape the mayhem and find your own quiet place to just be.

Exploring Galiano's beaches could take a lifetime